Hello, friends, family and neighbors! Devon, here! I am so excited to share these adventures with you all. If you didn't know already... I want to be a creative storyteller for Love & Justice in the world. I want to protect the poor, and use light to illuminate darkness.

This is my passion. This is my song.

I love seeing how my hands and feet can be used in new ways to support the children, mothers and families in a bold and restorative way in my own backyard and in my neighborhoods across the globe. I want to love deeper and for my eyes to be transformed to witness the hope in all places and people, no matter how seemingly dark. The Lord has completely guided and lead me through this whole process.  My heart is on fire to help the people throughout the world and come along side of them in their pain, and help them recognize their beauty and strength. God's love is enough.

We live once. We have the ability to Love - the loveless, and to heal people with our words and our actions. I want to continually seek the lost, because I have been found. Amazing grace, that saved a wretch like me. I have faith that God is going to use this opportunity and this story to reach people, and for that reason alone I am willing to GO.

I hope that you will walk with me through the storms, through the hard times when I don’t know what to say to a child who had to burn their own village down or who was forced to murder their own family. It was a tragedy but those children were victims not villains and they still have purpose.  Or the child who begs for food and an education. I believe that there is healing in the darkest of pasts and I know that these children of bondage and slavery need us to love them through that darkness, and help them find the light.

So here’s to a long adventure, a new journey of healing and understanding even my own brokenness by helping children cope through their pain. We will lean on one another, we will love, and we will search for the joy beneath the sorrow.

Thank you for standing along side of me and encouraging me as my friends.

— Devon

email: dfeldmeth@gmail.com
twitter: feldmeth  |  skype: dfeldmeth

“I will say of the LORD He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”
- Psalm 91:2

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