Monday, October 22, 2012

Run for Life Haiti

Friends, I want you to join me in this story that made me instantly fly to Haiti when I heard it. It was that powerful. 

One man is using his loss to bring gain. Barry McDonald is running 315 miles across Haiti in January to raise funds for a new maternity center in Port au Prince, Haiti. This is the FIRST maternity center in Haiti, and it is no wonder that the maternal mortality rate is 1/87 here. This breaks my heart. This doesn't have to be the story.

We can make a difference and dramatically change maternal health for the world by coming together for this cause. The land has already been purchased for the maternity center, I have walked on it and seen visions of beautiful women holding their healthy babies in their arms. The maternity center will be a refuge for women in Haiti, it will provide vocational training, education, and most of all a safe place for babies to be born.

 To me this story is something of rebirth for Haiti. A new way we can see light, instead of darkness, and hope instead of hurting. We can help Haiti HEAL by providing good health to the mothers who sow love in this place. 

Let us help, let us give. I hope that you will be generous with me. I've given up my normal life and found an adventure that reminds me of what we're capable of, when we LOVE others.

 I flew to Haiti and for a month or more will be working here trying to raise funds and awareness about maternal health in Haiti. It is a blessing, but I need your support!! :) 

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