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Creating a Culture of Creativity

Chalk +  a trash dump + a child with wonder = !!!
I met this dream-filled one in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala 

Creating a Culture of Creativity in HAITI

Two things I am passionate about is the arts and identity. I believe through art - of any form - that we as humans can be uniquely individual and be empowered to speak from our true and authentic voices. A paintbrush in the hand of Rembrandt or Renoir to me is just as powerful as a paintbrush in a young child's hand, because it is a tool of empowerment; a voice that can be used by the artist to give sound and color to the mind's thoughts. Once a person allows themselves the freedom to express their mind and heart using various forms of art, I believe and I have seen a joy that appears from being able to create. This joy is PALPABLE and unstoppable. We are empowered when we can mold shapes, photograph the world and share our visions. We are reminded who we are through our voice and by viewing our art; the visual imprint of our thoughts we can start to see more of us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we can create beauty out of broken selves. 

I have an opportunity to go to Haiti, thanks to my sweet dedicated friend and teacher Kyle Almgren who serves at Greater Works Home and School in Haiti. Together we're going to use art, creativity, and our passion to help create new programs that will benefit the school and the children. Our hope is to start or re-ignite a CULTURE OF CREATIVITY at this treasured place in Haiti. 

What is a culture of creativity? That's a good question. Not sure I can define it -- but I know that just saying those words ignites my spirit. Creating or cultivating a culture of creativity.  A place where humans dream big, think and see and pray from the lens of the Creator of the world. The bigger picture. The hopeful picture. Where a person who is in poverty, can see beyond their current circumstance and motivate themselves to creatively solve their problems to get to their desired solutions. The future belongs to those who are innovative, creative and collaborative. Let's start by pouring that into children and treating them as equals, after all I am no more creative than a 5 year old in Port-au-Prince Haiti, probably less so. It's going to take a lot of faith and perseverance, but I am impassioned about fostering a culture of creativity throughout the nations, specifically in poorest places throughout the world. 

I want to provide fuel, inspiration and a whole lot of LOVE to help these sweet Haitian kids use their imaginations and put it to action! This could be in the form of art, drama, music, dance, sewing, building, dreaming, praying, writing, exploring, etc. -- I am ready for all of it. Immersing myself in verbs of action and truth. 


1) Set aside the time to be imaginative, creative and dream. It's probably not going to happen at your desk, so get outside, adopt someone else's perspective for the day and challenge yourself to come up with new ideas. 

2) Yes and... By saying yes, instead of 'no' when it comes to ideas, it helps open up a possibility for curiosity and imagination. Any sort of criticism can lead to shutting down people. Adults or Children, we should be better about staying mindful and considerate to others ideas, no matter how far fetched they are. For children it is so important to praise them and encourage them to keep dreaming, keep living in wonderment where there are endless possibilities. 

I think when it comes to the developing world, we could learn a lot by listening to the children's ideas how they think poverty can be lessened. This will definitely be taken note of in Haiti.

3) Provide tools. to enhance individual creativity. A paint brush, a pen, a microphone made out of a hairbrush, a red cape, a plastic blue hammer, a camera, etc. There are countless objects and tools that can help enhance our creative spirits! Find out which ones bring you joy, and employ them and enhance your personal creativity... and inspire others in the process!  

4) BE BOLD! Be courageous and daring when in the creative process. Um they are just ideas, nothing is going to go wrong by dreaming or thinking too big. Is that even possible? Can we think too big? dream too big? I don't know, all I know there are footprints on the moon and new discoveries every day. I want to have courage against all odds. A creative courage that is inexplicable and a little crazy, but full of passion and color! 

5) HAVE FUN!!! Foot-loose and fancy free. Is it fun for me to drop everything I'm doing fly to another nation to help plan and put together art programs for kids in Haiti? You bet it is! It's fun, adventurous and kind of feels like a dream, except it's real life. I so encourage you to feel the FUN that happens when you use creativity, step outside of comfort circles, and explore. In order to create a culture of creativity, we need to allow ourselves FREEDOM. Freedom of the mind, the heart, and soul, the feet, and the hands. 

6) more steps to come. I am always in the process of learning. 

HOPEFUL hope filled HANDS
Our hands of compassion should be ones that freely give, hands of selflessness, hands of grace, hands of gratitude and generosity. These hands can do much and can love in action and provide a lot that multiplies, and is ever increasing by the day. Haiti is our neighbor, haiti deserves to be loved and cared for. Haiti the country - is a culture of creativity. But I think that some Haitians fear creativity. However, I know the Enemy of Poverty CAN'T stop creativity from flowing through the streets, but it can stricken the mind to believing that creativity can help break bonds of poverty and pain. The truth is that when that creative part of us is stirred, our hearts beat faster and we come alive in a new way that allows us to pursue the thoughts we usually discard. We pursue what seems impossible and in doing so motivate us to do the impossible. My hope for the Haitians I meet with, believe in themselves to create beautiful things.

I have a responsibility, to use my hands to create, to cultivate, to construct creative constellations that light up the sky and point people to the direction of their dreams. I know this, I feel it in my heart every time someone shares with me their passion or idea. It's a calling and vocation and I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses these hands in Haiti during the next couple weeks. 

VOCATION.  [voh-key-shuhn]
a particular occupation, business, or profession; calling.
a strong impulse or inclination to follow a particular activity or career.
a divine call to God's service or to the Christian life.


- Malala Yousafzai

Haiti October 2012 - A year ago visiting Respiré school.

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